Champion a culture of innovation in the workplace


Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Accelerate product development, discover talent and overcome organizational barriers to intrapreneurship. From the frontline to the C-suite, grow your capabilities while transforming your culture to unlock new growth and sustainability.




Cultivate top intrapreneurial talent through a tailor-made accelerator program under the wing of a C-level sponsor.

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66 Miles

Give women intrapreneurs access to an inter-company accelerator program designed to help them launch corporate startups from the inside.

Product Design Sprint

Experience an intensive, hands-on 3-day workshop to learn design thinking and lean startup practices while advancing your specific business objectives.


Coaching for (super) busy executives

Catalyze change from the top. Help top execs address new digital opportunities during learning experiences that take them outside their comfort zone while adapting to their crazy schedules.


Spark intrapreneurship across silos and hierarchies using an online platform paired with offline kits and mentorships.

Reverse mentoring on steroids

Unite top execs with emerging young talent inside your organization under one mission: reimagining (and prototyping) what your company would look like had it been built for this generation.