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January 2012

Kat and Chloé meet while working on the SNCF Open Data Program.

September 2013

Five by Five is born. Huzzah: Our first client Kisio Digital.

October 2013

Our first office:  Microsoft Spark.


October 2013

Five by Five represents Tim Berners Lee’s Open Data Institute in Paris.

The strongest typhoon in history hits the Philippines. Five by Five leads the international tech volunteer team of the Office of the President.

February 2014

Huzzah to the 9th power! The World Bank becomes our first new client for 2014.

April 2014

Five by Five is invited to breakfast with the President of France to chat about open data.  No big deal.


May 2014

Five by Five is chosen by the Mayor’s Office to be one of the hundred ambassadors for .Paris under the Innovation Category.


June 2014

Five by Five co-founds the “Sousmarin” with Snips and Seekube in the 11th arrondissement.

September 2014

Noteworthy thank you from a client: surprise tickets to the Jay-Z and Beyoncé concert for the team. (We must be doing something right).


Five by Five joins the OECD Open Data expert committee.

Huzzah to the 15th power! Or more fittingly, huzzah to the googleplexth power. Google is our first new client for 2015.

January 2015

Anniversary of our “Learning Lunch” tradition, first kicked off by Victor with a lecture about Design Thinking. Every Friday, Five by Five learns something new over lunch. In the past year, we’ve dissected the Loi Lemaire together, had a medical anthropologist teach us about biopolitics in China, had a robotics expert telling us the story of inventors from Da Vinci to Tesla, and watched speculative sci-fi (We’re huge fans of Black Mirror).

April 2015

Joining the grown-up table. Meal vouchers, mutual funds and saving plans = “real” company.

June 2015

Recruit over 50 top-notch startups in cybersecurity, datascience and customer experience across the world for BNP Paribas’ partner program for early stage startups. (17 continue working with BNP Paribas internationally).

July  2015

“Open Models” book launch.  We wrote a chapter.

August 2015

Five by Five = Ten. 

Our team outgrows the Sousmarin and moves in with Snips (again) to the 2nd arrondissement. We have our own floor, an automated cafeteria and a gym that we pretend to use.

September 2015

Wednesday yoga classes = real “cool” company.

Five by Five turns Two and decides to throw a big birthday party... two months later.

October 2015

SNCF’s Chief Digital Officer makes two sweeping announcements after two years at Five by Five’s side: the launch of their real-time APIs and pioneering partner program for startups. Stay tuned.