Partner with growth-stage startups


When done right, startup-corporate partnerships can be a powerful growth hack for both parties.

Whether you are looking to work with startups to scout new solutions, solve company challenges, explore nascent technologies and business models, or identify potential investment targets, you’ve come to the right place.

Five by Five engages with hundreds of tech entrepreneurs every year and can help you develop a portfolio-based approach to building win-win relationships with startups from around the world.


Crash course:

tartup partnerships


Equip budding innovators with skills, mindsets and the knowledge necessary to champion startup engagement from within their BUs or functions.

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Crash course: Open/partner APIs

Help non-technical colleagues better understand business opportunities, basic technical concepts and strategic issues related to open/partner APIs inside your company.

Fast-track process

Reduce friction and create an accelerated process specific to startup collaborations, all with the help of procurement, legal, compliance and IT.


Partner-pilot sprint

Work with us to pin down a solid business challenge, and scout for just the right startup who can crack it. Then, use battle-tested frameworks to get from kick-off to successful startup partnership pilot in under 10 weeks.


Program design

Whether it’s a corporate accelerator, a partner program or platform for open APIs, partner with us to craft a program that makes business sense for both you and the startups you work with.

The 100-day open innovation engine

Build a robust foundation for open innovation that scales inside and across your company. Yes, in 3 months.


French Tech Barometer on Startup-Corporate Collaborations

See how well your company stacks up against the new, Five by Five-built standard for what it means to be one of the best corporates for startups to grow with (check out the website).