Build innovation capabilities in-house

Culture trumps strategy every time. Accelerate product development, discover talent and overcome organizational barriers to intrapreneurship. From the frontline to the C-suite, grow your capabilities while transforming your culture to unlock new growth and sustainability.

Corporate accelerators

Arm your in-house talent with the entrepreneurial mindsets and capabilities to launch startups from within your company without leaving their current role. Our custom-built accelerator programs help those innovators thrive, ensuring you get ideas to market faster.

66 Miles

We built an intrapreneur program for the women in your organization from the bottom up, in tandem with Paris Pionnières. The first season is underway and we can’t wait to see what they build. Looking to empower women intrapreneurs to launch corporate startups from inside your company? This is the place to start.



The French mobility leader wanted a way to cultivate the best, in-house ideas. Our answer? SWAT (Super Wow Affriolante Team), a program which selects the intrapreneurs behind the ideas, puts them under the wing of the CEO and provides them a month-long accelerator program to show what they can do.


Learning for the Digital Age  

Digital transformation is about people. Our learning experiences aim to provide companies with new ways to invest in their talent: making sure they have the skills, mindsets and knowledge to help your business thrive in 2017. All our courses are available in both French and English.

Masterclass: Startup-Corporate Engagement 101

Forward-looking corporates see startups not as a threat, but as potential partners to create more value and accelerate their own digital transformation. Startup-Corporate Engagement 101 is tailored as course to help corporate innovators from across your organization.

Who is it for:

  • Corporate innovators who want to champion startup engagement inside their company
  • Innovation departments looking to onboard new members of the team


  • Get up to speed on the relevant major events, stories and trends that are shaping today’s startup ecosystem.

  • Network with successful early stage startups and get to know their stories over lunch.

  • Learn hands-on how to design programs for startup engagement, including the latest in dealflow (inbound and scouting), events (startup competitions, hackathons, etc.) and year-long corporate-startup programs (ecosystem partnerships, prototyping labs, etc.).
    Optional: Get an intro to the API ecosystem and an overview of the best-in-class startup programs built around them.

  • Discover ten of 2016’s hottest startups according to our partners and decrypt the behind-the-scenes trends explaining why they matter.

  • Start getting your company “corporate-startup ready” by using a framework developed by Five by Five for French Tech, assessing everything from enterprise culture to your procurement processes.

  • Get acquainted with Europe’s top startup hubs (London, Berlin and Paris): their key players, advantages for launching startups in those cities and notable startups each hub has produced.  

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: maximum of 20

Note: this program also has an “open” version, available for those individuals looking to join with participants from other companies.


Product Design Sprint (the Five by Five way)

A customizable product (and offer) development program which puts your team at the very forefront of product ideation, brainstorming, prototyping, user testing and, finally, pitching. Discover how the techniques, principles and skills learned during a sprint can help to transform company culture, break down existing silos, find the new big idea and accelerate product development, all at lower cost. Ranging from 2-5 days, this program can be adapted to suit your budget, needs, team dynamics and size.    

Who is it for:

  • Teams looking to instill in their employees the basics of design thinking and iterative working methods which place the user/client at the heart of the solution.

  • Companies who want to galvanize existing employees and accelerate new product development in response to real client pain points.

  • Anyone who learns and works better in an active, hands-on setting and wants to start building new products and offers right away.


  • Master the techniques of user-centric design, from personas, experience maps and user journeys to wireframing and pitching.

  • Attain the skills needed to take an idea from its conceptual phase into a testable prototype. Then learn to test that prototype on real human beings.

  • Learn to fail fast and fail often to reduce development costs and time to market.

Duration: 2-5 days

Number of participants: 15-75


Rapid intro to rapid prototyping

An alternate, more compact version of our Product Design Sprint program, Rapid intro to rapid prototyping shows participants how to take an idea from its conceptual phase into a testable app prototype in one afternoon through brainstorming, product design and prototyping, as well as pitch preparation. Their mission: solve the problem of the personas they’ve been assigned while picking up practical skills and enjoying a positive, team-building experience.

Who is it for:

  • Employees new to these concepts and who want to dive head-first into the basic principles of UX, rapid prototyping and product development.

  • Anyone who learns and works better in an active, hands-on setting and wants to start building new products right away.


  • Master the basics of user-centric design, from personas, experience maps and user journeys to wireframing and pitching.

  • Attain the skills needed to take an idea from its conceptual phase into a testable prototype that addresses specific user needs.

  • Narrow focus to the most critical aspects of a project and avoid distractions that might result from too long-term thinking.

Duration: ½ day (4 to 5 hours)

Number of participants: 15 to 60


Immersive learning journeys for busy executives

The classroom isn’t always the best place to learn - especially not for busy executives. What if instead of reading reports from behind a desk, they could immerse themselves in the tech community during a learning experience curated specifically for their profile and business challenge.

Learn how to leverage the power of open APIs, AI or blockchain through conversation. Have the chance to pick the brains of the best the industry has to offer, all over breakfast, coffee, lunch or an afternoon meet up. Rhythm and calendar are adapted to fit the schedules of the busiest industry leaders. Whether it’s brainstorming with an innovation director of a CAC 40 company or the CTO of a unicorn, we have the network to provide you with the right people at the right time, on the right topic.

Programs are custom-designed, so we can get the maximum out of each interaction and the limited time available for each meeting. We’ll deliver an experience that matches your goals and exceeds your expectations.

Who is it for:

Executives with little time who are looking to address specific business challenges through a different kind of learning experience.

Duration: ½ day to 2 days (never consecutively, meetings are held according to each executive’s personal schedule)

Number of participants: 1 to 3


DIY intrapreneurship

Fresh ideas can and should come anywhere, no matter the department, team or level of origin. Our DIY intrapreneurship programs contain the requisite materials needed to move forward with innovation fast. Kits come with ready-to-go, step-by-step guides for any company or team.  The series is designed specifically to aide in the creation and refinement of new ideas, and is an easily approachable tool for promoting a culture of active innovation within a company.


We helped the Keolis’ digital arm spark intrapreneurship across their teams using a custom-designed kit distributed to all employees.



UX catalyst program

Train the trainer and empower a community of employees to spread lean innovation in-house.