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We roll up our sleeves every day for a diversity of projects.
Here’s a sampling of things that we’ve done and continue to do:

• World Bank
Leverage open innovation for urban energy efficiency in East Africa

• Kisio Digital (Keolis)
Federate a company around a common vision for innovation

• SNCF Transilien
Transform a budding Client Experience (CX) department into a thought leader

• World Economic Forum Global Shapers
Create a new type of gathering to bridge the gap between select startups and corporates in the field of mobility

Open data and mobilize assistive technology experts worldwide to solve real-world issues for disabled travelers


• Government of Burkina Faso
Give Burkina Faso’s first-ever open data team wings

• BNP Paribas
Jumpstart a financial leader’s first international early stage startup program in five different countries

• Google Cultural Institute and Réunion des Musées Nationaux
Explore creative uses of an API with data artists

Get an API strategy started on the right foot with developer insights and business model research

• Edenred
Spread a UX and prototyping culture amongst enterprise leaders

• Gemalto
Create new products and synergies with a newly acquired company through employee hackathons

• Ouiteam
Give a new venture a competitive edge through UX

• Google
Support a new pre-incubator program in helping small ideas grow into world-changing businesses

• Kisio Digital (Keolis)
Rev up intrapreneur-driven product development through an internal accelerator