Design open business models that scale

Companies that stay ahead of the curve need leaders who have the tools, skillsets and knowledge in the forces shaping the shift from pipes to platforms in 2017. This series is designed as a companion course for people in companies gearing themselves for the fast-paced API economy. It helps think about APIs not just from a technological standpoint, but also in terms of business, strategy, mindsets and relationships. In one day, we take a complex topic and break it down to tackle change with your eyes wide open. 

Leading in the Age of APIs: Springboard Series

This is not intended for a technical audience who build or consume APIs. Rather, it has been designed for those who need to better understand business opportunities, basic technical concepts and strategic issues related to APIs. Whether you are in marketing, business development, finance or strategy departments, this class will help you decrypt the API economy.

The course offerings are modular and divided into 4 distinct parts:

Module 1 "The Explorer"
For beginners

This foundational course will help you:

  • Acquaint yourself with the underlying tenets of platform-thinking and their role in the rise of APIs,
  • Build foundational knowledge in APIs: What they are, how they work, types of APIs and how the API value chain comes together
  • Get an overview of the diverse business models that leverage APIs and first-hand experience in applying one to an industry you’re familiar with
  • Develop key vocabulary to allow the comfortable pursuit of more information in this topic 


Module 2 "The Coder"
For non-technical people who want to learn the basic technical aspects of an API

Walk a mile (or more) in the shoes of a developer by:

  • Getting an insider’s look at how developers are segmented, how they use APIs and what they look for in an API
  • Building your first application by mixing APIs
  • Getting first-hand experience transforming a simple Excel spreadsheet into a data platform
  • Building empathy by experiencing the onboarding of a developer platform from a developer’s perspective
  • Engaging in an open discussion about how to best engage with developer communities 


Module 3 "The Partner"
For those interested API partnerships and developer platforms

Leverage what you know by:

  • Picking up on elements you can use to evangelize for partner and public APIs
  • Learning a battle-tested framework within which to ideate, establish, and evaluate API partnerships
  • Understanding the basics of Developer Experience (DX) and the anatomy of a great developer platform
  • Getting a pragmatic overview of API-supported open innovation and learn what it takes to deploy it from inside your company 


Module 4 "The Banker"
For those affected by PSD2

Get ready to thrive pre and post PSD2 by:

  • Strengthening your foundations in open banking or Banking-as-a-Platform (BaaP)
  • Getting acquainted with the fintech startup ecosystem
  • Cutting through the hype and learn what matters regarding PSD2 and its impact on the industry
  • Diving into the results of “Banking APIs: State of the Market” to see how the banking industry is faring in terms of banking APIs to drive innovation, customer relationships and new business models
  • Drafting a hypothetical roadmap for how your company can either adapt to or leverage PSD2 before January 2018