Five by Five is on the lookout for a razor sharp Research Analyst Intern to join our growing team.

Duration: Minimum of 4 months
Contract: Internship*
Stipend: 800 euros/month

*We are also open to adapting this position for a work-study contract (our rough translation of “alternance” in French.) Just ask :)


Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to handle the team’s research and monitoring efforts. You will be the wingman (or woman) of Five by Five’s strategists. Let's break that down a little: You will...

- Conduct actionable research in fields as varied as transport, fintech, open data, etc.

- Monitor the global digital ecosystem and both spot and make sense of  industry trends.

- Carry out comparative market benchmarks and press reviews.

- Help strategists get ready for business meetings by preparing research on a particular company or individual.


You have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English or in French.

You are tremendously curious and eagerly attend conferences, meetups or other events about subjects you (and Five by Five) are passionate about.

You have a special talent for turning fuzzy topics into concrete insights.

You are positive, proactive and naturally at home in a family-like work environment.

You are in the middle of a love affair with the tech ecosystem.

Five by Five recognizes that talent for a position like this can come from anywhere and is diploma agnostic for this position.

Position based in Paris, France.

If you're interested in joining our team, send your CV and a writing sample to with “Research Associate Intern – Firstname LASTNAME” in the subject line.