Five by Five was built as a taskforce for innovation champions driving change at the enterprise, business unit, department or team level. 



We’re passionate about helping them set their organizations in motion so they adapt more quickly to their technological challenges, react to the unexpected and create their own opportunities. We bring friendship to leadership, so you can steer the wheel and lead change in good company.

We are a tight-knit team of ten experts with a passion for all things digital and the start-up ecosystem. Amongst ourselves, we speak rapid prototyping, innovation strategy, thought leadership and organizational design.

We are also big fans of good old-fashioned collaboration. This means that depending on the project, we mobilize our resident team of techies from various areas of expertise ranging from connected cars to urban hacking. Our network is far-reaching and continues to grow every day.

Where we’ve been this past year


OPEN DATA institute

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Open Data can’t be oversimplified to merely “liberating” data. No, that would be too easy. Cleaning the data, choosing a license, developing an API, creating a portal, etc.: Each step of opening the data involves many choices that can make or break your project. 

Every organization is unique, with its specific strengths and constraints. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy and requires us to work closely with our clients to work on the tiniest details to ensure success.




In 2012, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Web, and Nigel Shadbolt, founded the Open Data Institute in London. Their ambition was to develop a culture of sharing data in order to create economic, social and environmental value.

Since then, the Open Data Institute has established itself internationally, with eighteen nodes distributed throughout the globe. Each node corresponds to a city or region, and has the responsibility to ensure a true local impact in the Open Data ecosystem in its locality. Since November 2013, Five by Five has become the Paris node of ODI.

(Although pardon our vanity. Personally, we prefer “outpost” which suggests the Wild West of Open Data.)